Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 1

 This was my first week volunteering at the Oak Grove Public Library. The first day was spent reading over the library’s policy. It was about 50-60 pages long and contained everything you could possibly think you could read about a library. It was very interesting because a lot the things that I read contained vocabulary that I was already familiar with. For example, when the policy mentioned weeding it said that the Oak Grove Public Library used the CREW method, which I already recognized from my Collection Development class.

On Thursday, August 26, I was allowed to read for story time. I read two easy reading books about the alphabet and then the children did crafts. I always feel like a giant whenever I work with children but I had fun and the next time I can participate, I plan to bring my bubbles. After story time I helped cleanup behind the crafts. The children made alphabet bowls that they customized by gluing on their names.

Oak Grove Public Library is closed on the last Friday of every month. On these Fridays, the staff does some general cleaning and catches up on shelving. I spent some time shelving, learned how to replace labels, and looked for missing items. I really wanted to find at least one of the missing items but I ended up with nothing. I also learned that books that are missing for longer than three months are deleted from the catalog. I am getting used to shelving books by cutter number instead of the author’s last name.

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