Monday, September 6, 2010

This week at Oak Grove was very interesting. The library implemented a new system for printing and signing on for the computers. By the time I got back, Tuesday, the old system was out and the new system was in. (I guess I now know what it is really like to be a librarian.) I think it speaks volumes about the way libraries are starting to implement more computerized systems.

On Thursday I brought my bubbles to story time and they were a big hit but, only for a few moments. When I tried to put them up the same child I was trying to console just got madder. I guess there is no foolproof system when it comes to the little ones. I am beginning to be more interested in becoming a children’s librarian because, so far, it has been a lot of fun volunteering within the Oak Grove Public Library children’s department. I feel like Children’s librarians get to be a bit more creative at the library. At the same time, children’s librarians get a bit of a challenge because they don’t always know what will interest their readers. (Bubbles?)

On Friday, I stayed longer than I have before. Last week I accidentally forgot my schedule and came back to campus for a class I did not have. I did a horrible job decorating with the children’s librarian and some circulation work. I think I am getting used to the circulation software but I am still waiting to become a cutter guru, one can only hope.

Randomness: I am excited because the library may participate in a contest called Pimp My Book cart.
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