Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sorry Dr. Welsh, this blog has been a long time coming. I was sick for a while and I decided not to go in for my practicum. As a result I did not really have anything to post for reflection in this blog.This post is going to be for the last two weeks because it has taken me a while to catch back up with everything.
 During the week of November 7 my practicum advisor taught me how to repair books. I have been coming in on Saturdays sometimes to do book repairs. I now know about ,and really appreciate, sewn in spines. Books that are glued into their spines fall apart so easily, after you crack the spine it's all over! Publishers are more likely to use book glue because it is cheaper but it is a serious injustice. Here are some photos of glued in books:

These past two weeks I have been trying to get back into the swing of things. The new software for the computers crashed. Now we have gone back to checking out computers and printing the old way.(of course I forgot) I personally think the old way is not as efficient because whenever someone prints there is no buffer between patrons and the printer. As a result, whenever someone prints something and then decides not to get it, the library waste ink and paper because it will automatically print anyway.
I have come in for two Saturdays and I have met some of the other staff members. Saturdays are very interesting. People come in waves but ten minutes later it can be completely dead, until the next rush. On this Friday and Saturday two different authors came in to promote their books and I got to eat the leftover goodies and listen to their discussions. I had never been to any thing like this before but I really enjoyed myself. Seeing and listening to an author in person is WAY better than looking up their online interviews.
I have not been back to story time yet but the week of November 7 we made turkey puppets out of brown paper bags. Unfortunately, I learned that I will not be here for the gingerbread house making contest. Well, that is all I have for now; sorry it has taken me so long to update.

Randomness: A staff member made some delicious pecan pie for her book club, I devoured it!

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