Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 3

This week at Oak Grove was a little different because the Labor Day holiday threw me off a little bit and I did not go in on the days that I usually do. This week I went in on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (I normally go on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.)

On Wednesdays, the library has story time too but I did not get to read because I came in after class at eleven and it starts at ten thirty. Another volunteer for the library read the stories instead and I came in time to help cleanup. The theme for that day was farms and/or farm animals. For the craft, the children use cotton balls to make a sheep and finger-painted scenery around it.

On Thursday I did read at story time which I am starting to really enjoy. Apparently I am pretty decent at it; I got a compliment that day. I thought I was getting more familiar with the Oak Grove software system but it seems like every time I ask someone “Can I help you?” , I cannot because I actually don’t know how to yet.

On Friday, I did a lot of shelving because the YA books were starting to overflow. As a result, I learned how to shelve the graphic novels. Oak Grove has a nice section for graphic novels. Also for the first time, I helped with the transit books and receiving ILL’s. (I hope I do not forget when I go back.) It was interesting checking in books that were in transit and/or on hold because OG has a different system than Brandon Public Library. The entire system of libraries that Oak Grove is a part of is smaller so there were not as many books. At Brandon it took hours to check in all the books and you had to do it in a small area in the back of the staff room, it was a nice change.

I recently discovered that the one downside to working in a library is that you find so many different things that you want to read! I have to tell myself that there are only so many things I can read and not to keep checking stuff out.


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