Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 4

This week at Oak Grove was a little slow but I was more active with the craft for family story time.  The children’s librarian and I kind of hacked together a craft. I wanted to do squirrel headbands (our books were fall books that were connected by squirrels) but the card stock paper curled up so we had to do something different.  I helped cut out the squirrels on the Tuesday before story time.  I have been given more responsibility with the story time that is on Thursday. I am not sure how I feel about this because this week the kids were a little inattentive.
This week, the Library Director introduced me to the board member that represents Oak Grove Library for the entire Lamar County Library System. ( that I read about in the library policy) It was nice to see a face rather than imagine a mythical Library god/goddess. (which I tend to do along with imagine people as cartoons.)
Apparently, on Wednesday a rush of people came in because the books to be re-shelved ran over. I helped some but I only had to stay for two hours on Thursday so I think the real librarians had to do most of the work. There were also many books that needed new labels and I helped with that on Friday.
Randomness: I am starting to recognize some of the recurring patrons at Oak Grove and I finally gave someone a library card all by myself!!

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