Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 5

This week at Oak Grove Library, I was allowed to work in collection development. Oak Grove receives many donated books so this week I spent some time looking up donated books in the catalog. My on site practicum advisor said that he usually decides to ether offer the books to other libraries in the system or put them in the Friends of the Library ongoing used book sale. In my post-it note reports, I put whether or not the book was in the catalog and some other details, I tried to be give all the information I thought would be important.
Also this week, on Thursday, there were a lot more kids at story time.(which I am NOT used to) I read books about leaves changing color which was a little odd since it was still so hot last week and the leaves have not changed yet. But, it was okay because I had fun and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves. Afterwards the children made leaf people with silk leaves and glue.
On Friday, Oak Grove library is close for ‘maintenance’. Because they do not have regularly scheduled clean up, the staff at Oak Grove clean up every last Friday of the month. I helped out by dusting all the shelves.

Randomness: Next week my practicum advisor said that I could work with ILL’s, not sure what is in store yet.

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